Tuesday, 20 December 2011

And the winner is...

As some of my regular readers will know I'm supporting Green Giant with their campaign to help get kids eating more veggies.

Part of this was to ask readers to share their top tips:

Our winning comment was from Jane Hawkins who will be recieving a hamper shortly. She told us...

Our current favourite is making 'Dinosaur' food Grrrrr This 'special' food can only be eaten by very good boys because it gives them super powers! The special recipe is as follows;
Potato/carrot mash with peas sweetcorn & tomato ketchup on dinosaur shaped toast. (there are some brilliant dino sandwich cutters that take the crusts off) If he is really good he gets a side of sausage to go with it!

Another reader, thelaughinghousewife told us...

I used to disguise them e.g. mash cauliflower into mashed potatoes; add to soups and stews, etc.

What really helped, though, was one simple rule that we are rigid about, even now: you taste one mouthful of a new food. If you don't like it, you don't have to eat it; but you always have to TRY it. We would try something every couple of months until they liked it; tastes change as people grow.

And from CatsYellowDays we enjoyed reading...

My son thinks dipping is the height of sophistication so he gets anything that can be made into long thin sticks (cucumber, carrot, baby sweetcorn etc) stood up in a pot and a little mayo or BBQ sauce to dip in into. We also make a big fuss over how great the crunching noise is.

See the Green Giant facebook page for more 5-A-Day tips. And here's a little Merry Christmas from The Green Giant Team.

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