Friday, 30 December 2011

Being Resolute

I'm not a New Years Resolution Type. Not for any deep, intellectual reason, mainly because I'm a bore for whom vices are pretty much a fond memory, mostly left behind in my early 20s when I discovered fitness (and subsequently acquired realisation that less Marlboro Lights makes for a somewhat more comfortable running experience), a lovely man to stay in with and how if you don't actually drink JD and coke until 3am every weekend you actually have this thing called a 'Sunday' which is quite splendid.

So these revelations of my 20s has led to me being pretty, well I like to say faultless, you might say boring, dull etc. straight-laced 30-something year old. Indeed last year I had as my resolution to drink more wine, the year before was to go to the gym less and I think, on a slightly different note - yet sticking with the grey, tepid theme - the year before was to re-use my carrier bags. I know, rock and roll baby.

So far, for this year I'm keeping them precise and simple, I have...

1. Don't go on Rightmove quite so often. Your house isn't even on the market. You change your mind every 5 minutes about where to live, and talking about moving is inducing an eyeroll in friends and family that demonstrates both their annoyance and your repetitive yawn-inducing conversation.

2. Don't stress about being a 'perfect parent'. The whole concept is a myth. Anyone who thinks they are one is probably on the verge of a breakdown. Pah! So you can't cook an own-grown vine roasted tomato sauce whilst finishing a work assignement and knitting dolly clothes? Good. Good for you.

3. Drink more wine. Now listen lady, this year get cracking on this one good and proper. Hot squash is no drink for a grown woman. Besides all that wine he's drinking can't be good for him. Make him share. Remember, "we like to share in this house, don't we?"

So come on then, dare to share? What are yours?

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