Wednesday, 28 December 2011

It's Started

Yesterday - and I don't think yesterday was even a proper working day - I got a massive load of PR emails, all about one thing; dieting. OK, some of them weren't calling themselves 'diets'; 21st century dieting is far more sophisticated than that. So there were emails on 'detoxing' on 'new regimes' on 'whole new health concepts'. As I was saying, lots of emails on dieting.

It seems a little unfair. Only last week my inbox was full of subject lines such as, 'the gooiest mince pies', 'make your own Heston pudding' and every supermarket I went into was stuffed with recipe cards daring us to make the most calorific of treats, as well as a seeming policy on only having on offer things with over 70,000 calories per serving.

But, oh it seems that was last week people. This week it's all low-cal emails (email light) and Slimmer's World cynically stuffing leaflets through my letter box, well "hang on" I scream - I would stand up and scream but frankly I'm too stuffed and my thighs rubbing together is getting on my nerves - hang on I'm still in Christmas Land even if you're thinking lettuce juice for breakfast.

It's the 28th December. This is Christmas. Quality Street anyone?

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