Monday, 16 January 2012

Saving Energy

I like to be green; in fact it's often a pledge of mine to be greener. The problem is I also have a liking for old, drafty Victorian houses like the one we live in! In the depths of last winter, when temperatures were hitting minus 12 and such like, we had ice on the inside of our sash windows; we were ffffffreezing! My Uggs never left my feet, only at bedtime when they were quickly replaced with fluffy welly socks. Needless to say our heating was being blasted pretty much 24/7.This year my eco-architect Dad insisted we had loft insulation and it's definitely made a difference, as has the slightly more generous winter weather.

When Southern Electric asked if I'd like to get involved with their online survey and iplan service I was delighted. This week is Big Energy Week and Southern Electric is working with Citizens Advice, charities, consumer groups, switching sites, Ofgem and the Government to give practical advice to people across the country to help them spend less on heating and powering their home, and essentially helping us to use energy more efficiently. See more about Big Energy Week here 

I did their online survey myself actually and in spite of our efforts with the loft insulation I was disappointed to discover our house scores an E in efficiency with A being most efficient and G being least. The useful thing about the survey is the suggestions offered; I was told the savings I could make from having internal wall insulation and double glazing, for instance; whilst I can't stand the thought of changing all my windows the odd one, like perhaps the bathroom where it's particularly cold, maybe worth some thought - in fact I could apparently save up to £58 a year if I did this.

Have a go at the survey and see how you rate and get some personalised tips too.

Southern Electric are also now offering iplan which is an online service that provides smart apps and tools, plus a FREE Smart Energy Kit, which works on helping you  to use less energy and therefore subsequently cut your household bills.

iplan works by building up an online profile of you. The iplan display shows your electricity use in real time and the online service shows your consumption through simple graphs. It also gives you hints on how to help reduce your energy use to increase your eco-credentials as well as helping you to save money.

What's more iplan costs no more than their standard energy plus and you can save up to 6% when you sign up to paperless billing and pay by monthly direct debit. See more about iplan here

Southern Electric are comitted to offering energy saving tips on their site too. Like, for example, I learnt your TV, DVD and Hi-Fi use masses of energy when not in use - up to 90% in standby mode!

See more of their energy saving tips here You'll find loads of hints on reducing your expenses on lighting, laundry, cooking and more! In fact we made one change straight away from reading their laundry tips - washing clothes at 30 degrees - which can save up to 40% energy!! I'm also being to taking their advice and not fill my kettle as if I'm expecting an army of thirsty tea drinkers to arrive and instead put in enough just for me - another way to cut enerygy costs.

This is a sponsored post.